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OUR corporate responsibility

Willwood wholeheartedly supports the principle of sustainability.
This means that we should strive to make all our activities long-term: prudent use of raw material sources, continuity of customer-supplier relationships, and stability as employers.
Sustainable forest management needs to take into account the natural regeneration capacity of forests - the number of timber felled does not exceed new growth. Our suppliers are committed to this principle and ensure that the timber they use comes entirely from licensed legal logging areas.
We seek to establish and maintain close cooperation with customers and suppliers. Over the years, we have maintained a very close relationship with all major suppliers and regularly exchanged visits to establish a relationship of mutual trust.

Our business activities affect our employees, customers, suppliers, environment and economic environment. Responsibility for this impact is an integral part of our company's policy.
We clearly require our suppliers to set clear goals for environmental management and sustainable development and to achieve them. We are FSC and PECTM certified.
Our business is in line with EU timber regulations, which prohibit illegal logging trade with timber products. Customers in the EU do not need any further certification when purchasing from us.
We have a long-term vision to lead the company, always alert to risks, towards success. Ability, prudence and responsibility are the foundation of successful business activities. It is a matter of course to respect and strictly abide by the laws and regulations of Germany and other countries.
We believe in providing a pleasant, stimulating and safe working environment for our employees. We invest in skills development, successfully train young people and prepare them for their future responsibilities. Encouraging diversity is not only a wish, but also an absolute necessity.


There are two internationally recognized certification systems for forest management: PEFCTM (Forest Certification Scheme Approval Scheme) and FSC (Forest Management Committee ). Both forestry certificates meet the European Commission's criteria for voluntary nature, independent auditing, transparency, cost efficiency and open access.

FSC certification ensures and improves sustainable forest management while ensuring compliance with ecological, social and economic standards.
Certified forests are the starting point of the production chain. Chains must hold chain trusteeship certificates; the path of wood from forest to final product can be tracked.
Will Wood has passed the FSC certification.

Laws and regulations


EU timber regulations prohibit illegal logging trade with timber or wood products. Compliance must be ensured with the help of the due diligence system. In addition, it is necessary to record the sources of the timber traded and the types of imported timber. Lack of verification documents may have legal consequences.
Willwood has long been committed to the objectives of the Regulations and is fully prepared to comply with them even before they come into force. All employees strictly abide by the internationally recognized due diligence system.
All imported products purchased from outside the EU should be carefully inspected the company's own quality management. These preventive measures ensure compliance with all laws and regulations.
Customers within the EU do not need further validation.


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